The Inception Chair by Vivian Chiu

Vivian Chiu is the creator of the Inception Chair. She is an RISD student studying furniture design (obviously) and has fashioned a series of ten interlocking chairs made of ash, referencing the dream-within-a-dream concept from the 2010 film Inception.


Colour Coding...Toys?

Found a home tour on Apartment Therapy of a couples' unique, artsy home. This home belongs to Sara & Jason from Kansas City, Missouri. Their love of vinyl toys has amassed such a huge collection, they can display it in a colour-coded fashion.


Textured Transparencies by Nendo

Japanese design studio nendo exhibit 'Textured Transparencies' this year at Milan Design Week 2011 at galleria jannone.
This collection includes tables and lights, exploring the levels of transparency. They are not clear but partially transparent - think scrolling down the opaque selection in Photoshop and you will get an idea of how they are experimenting. 


KD House by Geneto

This house by Japanese practice, geneto, was designed to disregard the everyday layouts of mass-produced residential homes and create a thoughtful relationship between the inside and out of highly developed residential areas.


Hug Chair by Ilian Milinov

This caught my eye today at work, partly because of the sentiment behind it, but mainly for it's design.
It's simplicity just aches to be kept in a corner where one can perch and tap away at a lap top.