Colour Coding...Toys?

Found a home tour on Apartment Therapy of a couples' unique, artsy home. This home belongs to Sara & Jason from Kansas City, Missouri. Their love of vinyl toys has amassed such a huge collection, they can display it in a colour-coded fashion.

From Apartment Therapy:
"In this home reside two artists who do a bang up job of properly presenting a large collection. Often times items can just look like "stuff on a shelf" but they give each piece in their home a proper place and purpose that pulls the whole look together. Many of the pieces in their home are their own, you can find more of Sara's work over at her Etsy shop Multiple Personality. This home might be full of all sorts of fun things but it's far from feeling cluttered thanks to the neutral colors and spacious floor plan."

Here are but a few pictures of their home:

Read the full article here.

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